I Used To Wonder . . .

I remember two instances of my past,

Belgaum Railway Station (4 years ago)

Last day of the exams for the fifth semester and all the friends catching their trains back home, and we few friends staying back were there at the station to see them off. And all the excitement led us not buying the platform tickets. And, that day is usually the station master’s pay day. When the train started for its long journey, the security in the station increased, ticket collectors at every corner of the station. And, so after 10 minutes of refuge at the tea stall, we were standing in the Station Master’s Office. 20-25 guys, all from our college, who forgot or intentionally didn’t buy the ticket. Then came in a railway official scaring us about the fine and jail. He held in his hand a Nokia 6600 handset. That was my first look at the Nokia 6600.

Hyderabad Sun Microsystems Conference (3 years ago)

Me and my friend Animesh dared to pay 1000 bucks to feel the real software industry during our college times. We travelled all the way to Hyderabad for the Sun Microsystems conference to see James Gosling, the father of Java and many noted personalities. We felt like fish out of water. People of software industry from all over the country and various companies gathered there. That was a first encounter with the corporates wearing tags of TCS, Infy, Sun Microsystems, H.P., Satyam and many more. The gleaming tags felt like a piece of jewellry. Then, I had my first encounter with a Sony VAIO Laptop. The Sony VAIO used by a person sitting beside me made me to forget the seminar on stage.

Are you wondering how are these two incidents connected ? When I saw the Nokia 6600 I wondered when will there come a time when I have a phone worth Rs 15,000 in my hand, the same feeling arose when the tags flashed before me, I believed there will come a time when I will wear the flashy company tags and attend conferences on behalf of my company. The Sony VAIO made me think twice, will there be a day when I use a Sony Laptop worth a lakh. Well, I believe now that dreams don’t die. The every moment I dreamt was worth this reality. Now, it may seem a trifle when I use the latest Nokia N series, wear a T.C.S. tag and represent the company in front of foriegn clients and write this blog from my owned most expensive Sony VAIO laptop. But, during those time, this was a hope, a belief, a dream which I held on long enough and strong enough to make it a reality.

I have not stopped dreaming yet and, I still wonder . . .


One Response to “I Used To Wonder . . .”

  1. Animesh Gupta Says:

    Really good! never stop dreaming and working to fullfill them my dearest friend

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