Friends Are For Life !!

It is always difficult to describe simple things. Try describing God or Love; you can write page and epics, but still we are asking the same questions. What is Love? What is God? It is the same with friendship. When do you realise that the person sitting besides you, calming your fears, encouraging you to reach for your goals, laughing till you have tears in your eyes or just having a plain conversation about your past or dreams is your friend. A word often so loosely used has a significance in my life. Here is a collage I made. Looks fine, isn’t it ? Few of the people who are conected to my life. Well, I am gonna write a few words about each of them later. Phew. . . the making of the collage has left me tired. I need the snack 🙂

People I Can’t Live Without !!


2 Responses to “Friends Are For Life !!”

  1. Divs Says:

    Wonderful collage buddy 🙂
    As someone rightly said: “Tell me what company thou keepst, and I’ll tell thee what thou art.”

  2. Shafa Says:

    Amazing work Ishti..
    Rightly put there.. Frnds are for life

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