Thumb’s Up To Surf’s Up. . .

I saw a great movie yesterday, so had to write down something on it. This animated movie is about a small guy penguin [Cody] who wants to be a champion sea surfer as Big Z and win the Big Z Memorial surfing contest. He is picked up for the contest even though he does not surf well because of his persistence. And Cody makes new friends during his stay in the Pengu Island for the tournament, A chicken who surfs [Joe] and falls in love with a female lifegaurd [Lani]. Cody is humiliated by the then 9 times champion [Evans] of Big Z Memorial contest. He runs into the jungle and eventually meets the ultimate surfing champion Big Z who is believed to be killed during surfing in a contest, which Evans wins for the first time and Big Z is now gone into hiding. Cody convinces Big Z to train him but ultimately has a fued with Big Z since Cody is always thinking about the contest. He leaves Big Z and goes for the tournament. Cody is leading through all the rounds and now in the final round Cody, Joe and Evans are left with. Cody and Joe are leading when Evans tries to topple Joe, but Cody realising that his friend’s life is in danger, interferes and falls down in the waves along with Evans. Cody is rescued by Big Z, who comes out of his hiding. The contest is won by Joe.

The movie is a little roughly made and could have been better but still it is a must watch in my list.

Things you can learn from Surf’s up,
9. Fame, glory and money is temporary.
8. Humiliation is what you should accept, when you want to achieve your goal.
7. You can spend very less time together and be the best of the friends.
6. It takes a lot of guts to accept defeat.
5. Surfing is dangerous.
4. Once a friend, you will always be a friend even if you have the biggest of fights.
3. Winning really does not matter if it has to come by hurting somebody.
2. Friends are more important than any trophy in this world.
And the ‘numero uno’ is
1. Always have a dream and put in it everything you have got and it realises.


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