Klueless Is Back . . .

The third edition of the most celebrated online puzzle KlueLess3 hits the web. As per my expectations, it is much more advanced than the Klueless2, which frankly I did not like. But, this version of Klueless is amazing. So, start tickling your grey cells. Its time to scratch those hair off. Good Luck. You might end up playing these for days.

To start KlueLess3, please click here.


7 Responses to “Klueless Is Back . . .”

  1. Ishq Says:

    i am on the 6th level. stuck 😦

  2. Ishq Says:

    Level 1: ‘Lets Play’ : what are you playing??

  3. Ishq Says:

    It took me 15 days to finish this puzzle. I am delighted to complete Klueless 3 at last. 😀

  4. vishy Says:

    i know what v are playing (with #) but where we have to write.

  5. Ishq Says:

    What level are you in Vishy ?? Hope I can help you with hints !!

  6. vishy Says:

    i am at the level 1
    i know i am playing kluless 3 bt where i have to write it

  7. DPS Says:

    look at ur web page again…. may be u ‘ll get sum address….

    ppl can anybdy give me clue abt L6?????
    stuck with this from past two days

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