DWT Short Story Contest Entry – The Boss


I stood there in the corner of my boss’s office. I was trying to hold my laughter from about 15 minutes. It is not so often, that your boss messes up a deal which would cost the company a hundred thousand dollars and you are the only one to witness it. It was one of the most pleasurable moments of my career.


Our team had been working on this deal from past 3 months. It was upto my boss and me to wrap it up. And my boss was unable to convince the client. I was happy. He could loose his job over this deal. And I would be happy to become the General Sales Manager. I was waiting for this opportunity from a very long time.


He stood there staring hard out of the large bay window and muttering something to himself. I could clearly see the sweat beads running down his forehead. It looked as if he wanted to jump out of the window of the 7th floor of the building and end his misery. The C.E.O. knew that the deal was supposed to conclude today. It was clear that he had to think of something very quickly, which would save his job.


My mind was racing fast on all the options he could be thinking right now. He could bribe me to keep my mouth shut and give a false explanation of the failed deal. It could be hike in the salary or extra perks. Maybe, it will be a promotion. I was the Assistant Sales Manager for 4 years now and always dreamt of becoming a General Sales Manager, but never thought, it would so easy. I could have my own office, have vacations in Europe on company’s expense and I would also get a secretary.


I was enjoying my reverie when suddenly; he broke his silence,


“Jim, you are fired.”


I was stunned. I couldn’t believe my ears. Did he actually say it or was I hearing things? He couldn’t have said that to me. Or he was just trying to rehearse what his boss would say.


“Are you talking to me boss?” I said.


He didn’t even look at me.


“Yes. I am talking to you. You are fired”


“Boss, what did I do wrong? It wasn’t my fault that the deal fell apart”


He took a deep breath and turned around,


“I never said it’s your fault, I just said I am going to blame it on you!”