Welcome To The World Of Quality Blogging

I spend countless hours reading and visiting blogs from all around the world. This hobby of mine has now grown into a passion. When I started blogging a few years ago, I had nobody to tell me about blogging or nobody to reivew my blogs. I have started another blog Avid Blog Reader to help others with their blogging skills. I offer my time to review other’s blogs. These reviews are absolutely free and I do not accept donations in any kind. The purpose of my reviews and ratings is to raise the awareness of readers to quality blogs and to let those bloggers that really need to work on their blogging skills know specifically what points they need to work on. I humbly request not to take the bad reviews personally.

The highest score achievable is 5 which is equivalent to a 5 star rating.

  • 5 is considered as a genius’s work
  • 4 is better than most of the blogs on the web
  • 3 is average and as ok as any other blog on the web
  • 2 is below average and need to improve
  • 1 is poor and the blog requires your attention and time
  • 0 is terrible and please quit blogging

The blog will be graded on the following 5 characteristics.

  • Content
  • Uniqueness
  • Activity
  • Appearance
  • Navigation

Each characteristic is given 1 of 5 point values.

  • Poor – .20
  • Below Average – .40
  • Average – .60
  • Above Average – .80
  • Excellent – 1.00

The total recieved by the review will be round to the nearest number for the ease of grading.

What would you find in the review

  • A completed review of your blog.
  • A rating to prove your blog review.
  • At least 2 permanent links to your blog within your review to increase your page rank.
  • Listing in the blogroll of this blog in case your blog is exceptional.
  • Attention from the faithful visitors of this blog.

Hope, together we can form a better blogging community. Happy Blogging !!